Title: Storm Front
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Published by: A-Poc Press, llc

America is in the middle of a second civil war. Tens of millions have already perished from famine and disease as the world descends into chaos. When federal government turns to the United Nations to subdue the remaining American citizens, those states that would not bow to this new order, known as The Republic, rise in defense. Nelson and his family are caught in the middle of the contested state of Missouri. With gangs, rioters, federal and UN troops about, Nelson must face the rising storm that threatens his family's freedom.

As the storm front rolls in, the family and their friends must defend their stronghold and each other, or be crushed under the heels of a corrupt government. Will Nelson become the citizen soldier the new America needs, or will his own rebellion be vanquished before it can begin? A new defender is needed, who will answer the call before the storm comes?

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