Title: Vengeance In Blood
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Series: Vengeance In Blood #1
Published by: A-Poc Press, llc

Our criminal justice system has one fatal flaw: you can’t punish people who always stay a step ahead of authorities. Criminals don’t have to abide by rules and laws that the State does as it pursues them. Meet Besseta, a being of legend that has roamed the land for over six centuries with her mind set on one thing: Vengeance in Blood for the innocent. While human traffickers, gang-bangers, and serial killers pursue their next victim, she hunts them down and ensures that they meet a violent end. But when her kills come to light, the FBI, and worse, a secret organization starts to connect the dots.

When Besseta takes down a string of “Average Joe’s” who sponsored the production of child snuff porn, LA Detective Kenneth Terrell is brought in to find their killer. A master tracker and a protector of innocents in his own right, Kenneth is tasked to find the serial killer that no one really wants to stop. Will Besseta manage to stay one step ahead while dispensing her unique justice, or will the existence of legends: vampires, finally be exposed?

Justice is for the State. Vengeance In Blood: is for the people.

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