Title: Viral Misery: Book One
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Series: Viral Misery #1
Published by: A-Poc Press llc

Humanity is at the tipping point and nature will be its downfall. The bird flu out of China has mutated. Now able to latch on and replicate within humans, the virus will spread swiftly throughout the world. When you spread a virus before you even know you have it, everyone becomes a carrier.

There is no preparation, and there is no cure. You can only hope that you are one of the few who is immune or can survive long enough to fight.

Wendy and Arthur have spent their lives in service to others. Having raised one child, and learned to live off the land, their only wish is for their son to give them grandchildren. They want to retire in comfort, knowing that they are self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves.

Having never been apart for more than a few nights, Wendy has the opportunity to take a well-deserved ladies vacation.

Little do they know that their entire world will change in an instant, and they'll be left alone to live, or to die, a thousand miles apart.