Blue Plague

A no holds barred about the end of civilization and is not for the faint of heart. The language and actions are harsh even by the main characters. It is a portrayal of what it would take to survive in an event of this magnitude. This series is based in and around Louisiana when a virus …

Forgotten Forbidden America

When the stock markets in Asia crash it’s only a matter of time before the US feels the effects. Join Nelson and his family and friends as they travel to their safe zone, and attempt to survive when civilization as we know it is in turmoil.

Dark Titan

A portrayal of what could happen in the event of an EMP. How would you survive? Join Nathan and the people he picks up along the way from Georgia to Idaho where his bug out location is.

The Bonner Incident

When everything you have worked your entire life to build suddenly comes under fire and you and your family are threatened by those in office to you, how would you react? This story follows how one small business owner deals and reacts to protecting his property and family.


A home of magical creatures at the beginning of time. Thanos, where magic is a part of daily life and heroes can come from anywhere.

Forsaken World

Join a couple of teenage boys trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with no parents to guide them. Will they survive or will they succumb to the plague of the undead?

Vengeance in Blood

What do you get when you have a being of legend that has roamed the land for over six hundred years is tracked by an LA Detective, a master tracker and protector of innocents in his own right. Will the existences of legends: vampires be exposed?

First Date

Preventative Wellness goes wrong in this novella from bestselling author Thomas A. Watson! Barron Towers is a state of the art building, home to retail stores and offices, with one dangerous quirk: absolutely no weapons allowed. With tighter security than an airport, Barron Towers is designed to be locked down in an emergency, but no …