Title: Dark Crossing
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Series: Forsaken World #4
Published by: A-Poc Press, llc

The Stinkers have overtaken the world. With civilized society in shambles, white supremacists and gangs roam free, subjugating the free and the innocent. For Lance and Ian, this means they must make a choice: fortify their stronghold and hide, or place some trust in others to fight back and secure their corner of the world. Without the guiding hand of their parents, any decision they make can have grave consequences.

With over 1000 miles left before being reunited with their children, Johnathan and the other parents will encounter their greatest challenges yet.

As the parents face completing their crossing of the darkened continent, their sons will undertake the next step on their journey to manhood. Journeys are often fraught with peril, and the lives of many will be forever changed. Heroes will be made in this new Forsaken World.

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